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RESERVATION POLICIES:                                                          

A scheduled reservation is guaranteed within 72-hours of the date of the reservation. For instance, if you book a visit for June 10th then one night of the reservation is guaranteed by June 7th. Prior to that you can alter or cancel your reservation without obligation. As a general rule of thumb we do not require deposits or pre-charge your trip for standard visits. Your payment is completed at the time of your visit. However, if you have booked on a major holiday/event or booked an extended stay then we do require deposits. We also require small deposits for group or non-standard bookings. In those circumstances the deposits are not refundable. This will be clarified with you at the time of your booking depending on the type of visit required. We are a very small family business that has a limited camping season. As such, we expect that you will honor your reservations as we have every expectation to meet your camping needs and provide an excellent value. You can email or contact the office by phone to complete your booking. At this time we do not provide online bookings due to the variety of our bookings and site settings.  

Check in / Check-Out:                                                         
We must ask that you respect our times. Glenwood Springs is very popular to visit and many people schedule trips in our campground so that they can treat themselves to a great mountain community. Our reservation schedule depends on these times so that we have an orderly day. As such, we ask that you schedule your visit accordingly. 

CHECK-IN TIMES:        12:30pm up until 9pm 

CHECK-OUT TIMES:     Prior to 11am on your scheduled departure date

Our office dates and times vary early and late into the camping season. We ask that all check-ins be completed prior to dark. The reasons for this are many including safety issues after dark as well as respect for other campers. As a small family owned campground we try to set a reasonable schedule for our staff and family. We do make after-hours arrangements occasionally but as a general rule of thumb please check-in prior to dark. Our campground is a natural campground and there is only artificial light around the buildings. While you are camping you should provide any lighting that you deem necessary for your comfort and needs. 

FIRE SAFETY:                                                                   
 FIRE BAN SEASON (Self-imposed): Due to the dry climate and wildfire risk, our summer season will remain a complete   fire ban season. No campfires, charcoal grilles or spark of any kind is permitted during the following periods: 

From June 1st to August 31st of each season- COMPLETE FIRE / SPARK RESTRICTION

Regardless of local rules we are under a self-imposed fire restriction during these dates. 

 OTHER PERIODS: The campground is typically open from March 1st up until November of each camping season. Dates   vary depending on the needs of the campground and weather related issues. No campfires or charcoal grills are allowed in   the RV camping area due to utility locations. As such, we suggest an approved portable propane device. In our group and tent camping area we have designated fire pits. In those sites campfires are allowed after sunset up until quiet time only when conditions are appropriate and there are no local or campground restrictions. 

All campers must follow the rules of local regulations. You can view the Garfield County website for daily updates. Our campground also has imposed a stricter fire ban during the summer season. Safety, above all else, will always be our number one priority.

 The campground has two outdoor community cooking facilities that can be utilized at no charge in centralized locations. 

CONTACT INFORMATION:                                                                                                                        Office Phone:  (970)945-5340


Mailing Address: 
Ami's Acres Campground 
Care of: Your Name
PO Box 1239, Glenwood Springs, CO. 81602

Physical Address (Package Delivery): 
Ami's Acres Campground 
Care of: Your Name
50235 US-6, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Dependent upon the weather, our campground is typically open from March 1st through November each year for overnight and weekly RV and tent camping. We are closed December, January, and February of each year. Office hours will vary depending on the month. For current office hours call 970-945-5340

For emergencies please call 970-987-4805. 

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