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Our campground provides a variety of sites for tent campers. All tent sites have access to facilities with bathrooms and showers, as well as a wifi hot spot. Below is an overview of the different types of sites we have available for tent and alternative camping. 

Walk In Tent Sites: 
Our walk in tent sites are the most private option we offer. They are located in the upper most section of our park, nestled at the base of the mountain with amazing views. Most of these sites are equipped with a fire pit and table top. In these sites, you will have to walk anywhere from 100 - 200 feet from your car but it is absolutely worth while for a spectacular spot. 

Drive in Tent Sites: 
Our drive in tent sites are our most convenient option. They are spacious, and you have the ability to park your car right next to your tent to make for an easy set up and starting spot for your adventures throughout Glenwood Springs. Most of our drive in tent sites also have access to an electrical outlet for charging devices. We also offer remote drive in sites that provide additional privacy but are further from our facilities. 

Our campground has a few "Mountain Man" cabins for a comfortable but adventurous experience. Each of these cabins has electric, a bed frame, table, and chairs. These cabins are a comfortable, clean, and affordable alternative while staying in Glenwood Springs. 

Group Camping: 
We have two group camping areas that are a great alternative for small and medium sized groups. These entire areas can be blocked out for your group only and are a series of sites and a parking area that are linked. The area can be isolated just for your group and you can set up as you need for camping. Most of the areas are tent sites but some can accommodate vans and campers (no full sized RV units). This is a fun and economical way to camp in our town and gives your group the ability to structure the areas. Proper spacing and distancing can easily be achieved. A two night minimum is required for all groups and a non-refundable deposit. Contact the office by phone or email to discuss your unique camping needs to make certain these areas are a possibility for your visit. 

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We do not provide any gear or equipment for campers, so be sure to come prepared with a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc. Please be aware that fire restrictions limit when and if campers are able to have campfires. To check current conditions feel free to contact us so you know how to better prepare for your trip. 
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